9-Pin Bowling and Great Food in the Heart of Texas Hill Country

Sorry, the Blanco Bowling Club is currently closed.

We look forward to serving you and your family at the Blanco Bowling Club Cafe. We serve great food daily – breakfast, lunch and dinner (except Sunday).

Interested in open bowling on Friday or Saturday nights?
Call Billie at (830) 833-4416 to reserve your lanes!


Monday - Saturday 6:30 AM — 9:00 PM
Sunday 7:30 AM — 2:00 PM



Construction began on the Blanco Bowling Cafe in 1947 and opened for business in 1948. Originally built, owned and operated by Roland and Viola Bindseil, it served as a cafe and 9 pin bowling alley. In 1965 the Bindseil’s sold the business to C.A. and Florence Weeaks who continued the 17 year tradition of home cooked meals and nightly bowling. Then in 1967 a group of Blanco residents bought the Blanco Bowling Cafe and made it a club owned organization. Today the Blanco Bowling Club has more than 200 members.

Nine pin bowling is an old German style of bowling that only exists in Texas. The Blanco Bowling Club is one of only eleven clubs in the state that is still in operation. The game of nine pin bowling is a bit different from the modern day ten pin. Each team has six members that bowl and a set of nine pins. They each get two rolls at the set of pins and the entire team bowls until all pins have been knocked down. If a bowler knocks down all nine pins that bowler has bowled a “Nine-Ringer” and is given a score of 9. If a bowler knocks down all the pins except for the “12-Pin”/”Redhead”, that bowler has bowled a “12-Ringer” and is given a score of 12. If a bowler takes a turn and does not knock down all pins then the next bowler gets a try. If that bowler knocks down the remaining pins, that bowler receives nine points for that shot, regardless of the number of pins knocked down to receive these nine points. If a bowler knocks down the remaining pins, except for the “12-Pin”/”Redhead”, that bowler receives 12 points for that shot regardless of the number of pins knocked down to receive those 12 points. If a bowler’s roll does not result in either “9” or “12” points, that bowler’s roll is given a “-“ (dash) or a “√” (check) which carries no point value. The one exception to this is the last ball rolled by the last bowler in the frame. This bowler will receive credit for the number of pins knocked down. For example, if the last bowler has rolled his second ball for this frame, and four pins remain standing (five pins knocked down), that bowler will receive credit for those five pins, regardless if that bowler knocked these five pins down or not. Each team bowls once per week three games that each consist of six frames.

There are no automated pin setting machines made for nine pin bowling. Therefore “pin-setters” are usually the local youth. Their jobs includes sending the ball back to the bowler via the ball return, moving any knocked down pins into the pit and resetting the pins when necessary.

The Blanco Bowling Club offers league bowling to members Monday through Thursdays. Bowling starts at 7 pm and the public is welcome to come watch. We also rent the lanes for private events on Saturday evenings. Please call for prices and reservations (no walk-ins accepted). 7 day notice is required on all reservations to allow us time to schedule a pin setter.

Interested in becoming a member? We are always looking for new members. New member dues are $12.00 and must be paid at the time of application. Dues for each year following are only $7.00 per year. Members are not required to bowl. If you would like to bowl you can either join and existing team if they are in need of players or create your own team of 6. Bowling series length depends on the number of teams signed up for that series.


We love to hear from our customers and members. Please use the form below to email us, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. For quickest service, you may call us at 830-833-4416.

Thank you for your interest in the Blanco Bowling Club and Cafe.